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God just the lines too forever I’m not used to such large canvases/intricacy but I reallly need the practice

Lineart for that pic of Switchback and Envy! [god I need a real name for her]

Oh yeah hi I haven’t submitted anything in a while over here have a WIP

super-sketchy ugly phase of mine and @enaxn ‘s characters in the KH universe. I can’t take total credit for the poses because they were referenced off of some pics I found off google lemme try and find them again…

Yeah and :D

Where are they? What are they fighting? Y’know I’d really like to know that too.Because I’m not sure yet :’D 

Her KH outfit/armor is so badass amg 

but for realzies suggestions for backgrounds would be awesome

Some headcanon…Discord loved Celestia at first. Celestia was young and not as wise as she is now and couldn’t see his inner beauty, only his ugliness. When she rejected him he grew bitter, and threw the world to chaos. Celestia casts him in stone.

When he awakes, he’s still full of resentment. When Fluttershy appeals to him, he learns to love again, and his bitterness fades.

Older and wiser, Celestia regrets her descisions, perhaps seeing her mistake, but is glad that Discord has finally found peace.

it’s stupid i know shut up

Some WIPS of a painting of Cadance I’m working on. Playing with shading effects and hair mostly.

To clarify a bit, this is based on m headcannon that teen/young adult Cadance was a partier. Think like Lindsay Lohan minus drugs or Prince Henry minus sex tapes[was it a tape or just pictures]. Then when she matures a bit, she becomes the Candance we know now, a true princess.

So like, timeline wise this is somewhere between modern and when she was a foalsitter.

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